F.B. Tecnopolimeri
Respect for the environment
tetto capannone fotovoltaico

The "green" approach has always been at the basis of the values, the technological strategy and the development of the products of FB Tecnopolimeri which is inspired primarily by the principle of efficiency, energy saving and recycling of materials.

Trying to be innovative to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve the impact of its products on the environment, so as to improve efficiency in terms of energy saving and recycling of materials, we invest in the development of more efficient products and services, and on production procedures and operational management that focus on efficiency and photovoltaic energy savings.

To support this challenge we have installed a 3000 square meters photovoltaic system able to guarantee a large part of the energy needed for production, considerably reducing the production of CO2 and reducing emissions into the environment. The photovoltaic system injects the energy produced in excess or during the days of production inactivity, within the electricity grid, so contributing to the production of clean energy also by the production activities of the area.

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